Howick Historical Village

Auckland - New Zealand

Step back in time and experience life a settlement during the 1840 to 1880 period. Howick Historical Village has one of the most extensive collections of early colonial buildings in New Zealand (30 of them), including raupo cottages, schools, Fencible cottages, church, forge, and general store.

The Howick Historical Village presents the early European history of Auckland, especially the Fencible immigration scheme where Army and Royal Marine pensioners were offered a free passage to New Zealand for them and their wife and family, and were given an acre of land with a two-roomed cottage at arrival. In return the Fencibles (coming from the term 'defencible') had certain military duties to complete and had to participate in a compulsory church parade every Sunday over a seven-year term. They were required to defend Auckland if required though the men never saw any action.

Spend half a day strolling through the seven acre site at your leisure.

We recommend the special 'Live Days' where the village is brought to life with different village characters (in time-period costume) and activities.These 'Live Days' are held on the third Sunday of every month (except December).

Opening Hours

Open: Daily from 10am with last admission at 4pm.

Closed: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day.

How to get to the village

Howick & Eastern Buses (No. 550 - 551) depart Britomart (Downtown Auckland) and the ride takes about 45 minutes plus 5-minute walk from Pakuranga Road through Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Howick Historical Village is located at the corner of Bells Road and Lady Marie Drive, both withing Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga.

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