New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively new country where it is thought the Moari people arrived as recently as 1300 AD. The Maori culture and language continues intertwined in modern daily life. Despite the relatively young age of the country, it has a rich culture.

New Zealand Movies

Many major movies that have been hits worldwide have been filmed or created in New Zealand. The most famous would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy (+ The Hobbit movies - You can still visit the Hobbiton movie set) though there is also Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and many more (Did you know that the Last Samurai was actually filmed in New Zealand?). Wellington has become a well-known city for producing the special effects of many big movies.

New Zealand Music

The government supports New Zealand music via “New Zealand on Air” which helps artists finance their work and promote it both locally and internationally. The New Zealand Music Commission also plays a key role helping the growth of the industry by providing information and advice to artists both new and old.

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