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Kiwiana - Typical icons of New Zealand - A wall in Otorohanga

Kiwiana is the name given to the iconic symbols of New Zealand which have become a part of NZ culture during the 20th century.

Examples of Kiwiana

Afghan biscuits : Biscuits made from crushed cornflakes, with a chocolate icing and a walnut on top.

All Blacks: The national rugby team... almost a religion in NZ

Buzzy Bee: Traditional wooden toy made from wood in the shape of a tree. Most New Zealanders used to have this pull-along toy as a kid.

Chocolate Fish: Popular chocolate covered pink marshmallow in the form of a fish.

Cookies Time: Huge cookie with chocolate chips

Edmonds Cookbook: The most popular cookbook in NZ with traditional recipes that appear in most homes throughout the country.

Footrot Flats: The famous comic of farmlife created by Murray Ball.

Four Square supermarkets: These mini supermarkets are like the local corner store and even appear in the smallest of towns. The Mr. Four Square logo is now a classic.

Greenstone: A green precious stone used in making jewellery and decorative items.

Gumboots: Rubber boots ideal for walking through mud and puddles. They are typically black.

Hangi: Traditional Maori method of cooking with heated stones in a pit. See how to make a hangi here

Hokey Pokey ice cream: Vanilla ice cream with small solid lumps of hokey pokey (honey toffee).

Jandals: Typical footwear for the beach. Jandals are made of rubber and called flip-flops or thongs in other countries.

Kiwi: a native bird of NZ. It comes out at night and cannot fly.

Kiwifruit: The fruit with brown furry skin and a yummy green inside.

L & P: (Lemon & Paeroa) A popular fizzy drink (= soda) from New Zealand.

Longest Drink in Town: The typical milkshake paper cup that is long and has the image of a blue and red giraffee on its side. They have been used since the 60s in most diaries and cafes.

Marmite: A dark spread made from yeast.

Number 8 wire: Wire used for fencing. It generally refers to New Zealanders being innovative and using whatever resources they have at hand to fix something.

Pohutukahua: A tree that is common near most beaches. It produces a red flower around Christmas time.

Paua: The polished shell of an abalone. Used as an ashtray or for decorative purposes.

Pavlova: A light meringue dessert topped with cream and fruit.

Pineapple Lumps: confectionery made with a pineapple flavoured chewy centre (in rectangular form) that is covered in chocolate

Pukeko: A typical black and blue bird that can be seen strutting around lakes and parks.

Swanndri: a waterproof woollen overcoat that is popular with farmers. It is usually a tartan design of blue (or red) with black.

Silver Fern: a native plant of NZ and a symbol used by many national sport teams

Tiki: A (normally green) pendant with the maorĂ­ design of a taniwha (monster)

Tip-Top: The most famous brand of ice cream in New Zealand.

Tomato Sauce bottle: the red plastic bottle in the shape of a tomato, used to serve ketchup/tomato sauce.

Watties Tomato Sauce: The most classic brand of tomato sauce in NZ.

Whittaker's Peanut Slab: Thick slabs of chocolate with peanuts in it.

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