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New Zealand Global is a company that was established in 2005 in Chile as a part of Woodward Chile.

New Zealand Global orginally represented all of the universities of New Zealand and many English Language Schools and High Schools throughout Latin America, participating in numerous educational fairs in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

The owners, Rob Woodward (from New Zealand) and Angélica Prieto (from Chile) now spend their time creating material for people to learn languages for free though still like participating in events both in New Zealand and Latin America. Occasionally they provide consulting services to businesses and institutions from New Zealand.

They have decided to keep the www.newzealand.cl website and make it an information portal about travel, study, work and living in New Zealand. They continue to visit the country to provide up-to-date information based on their own personal experiences.

We hope you find this free information about New Zealand useful and that it enriches the experience of those who plan to travel to this beautiful country.

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